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  • Introducing our "Feline Fine" Recycled Paper A5 Lined Notebook, where purr-sonal expression meets eco-consciousness! Embrace your inner cat lover and environmental steward with this charming notebook crafted from sustainable materials.

    Made from recycled paper and card, each page of this notebook not only provides a smooth surface for your writing endeavors but also contributes to reducing your carbon pawprint on the planet.

    Measuring at a purr-fectly portable A5 size, with dimensions of 21cm in height, 14.5cm in width, and a sleek 0.5cm depth, it's ideal for slipping into your bag or keeping on your desk for whenever inspiration strikes.

    The "Feline Fine" notebook is adorned with an adorable cover design featuring playful and endearing illustrations of cats in various poses, ensuring that every time you reach for your notebook, a smile is just a whisker away.

    With its lined pages, this notebook offers plenty of space for jotting down your daily musings, sketching your favorite feline friends, or making notes for your next pet-related project.

    Whether you're a dedicated cat enthusiast, a lover of sustainable products, or simply someone who appreciates the joy of a good notebook, our "Feline Fine" Recycled Paper A5 Lined Notebook is the purr-fect choice for capturing your thoughts and ideas while making a positive impact on the environment.

Recycled Paper A5 Lined Notebook - Feline Fine


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